tamopan persimmon

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-Penryn Orchard Specialties

   a small orchard with uncommonly good fruit

  About Us

We have no employees. Everything in our four and a half acres orchard, from planting to tending,
harvesting, packing, and selling the fruit, is done by Jeff with part-time help from Laurence,
and the unfailing support of Taylor the French Poodle.

Jeff is the doer, the troubleshooter, the methodical, organized fix-it guy with awesome
problem solving skills and great work ethics. His no-nonsense demeanor hides a keen sense
of humor and poetic spirit. You want this guy in your life boat,
he'll steer it safely to shore and make you laugh in the middle of the storm.

Laurence is the charming dreamer, the inspired cook, the disrupter of the status quo,
the initiater of countless unfinished projects, the web designer.
You want her on board too, she'll make sure no one goes hungry, and remind you to enjoy the stars.

Taylor is the fearless hunter of varmints, the guardian of the chickens, the faithful companion.
You definitely want him in the boat, he'll keep you warm and scare the sharks away.

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