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Marmalades & Preserves

Lemon Marmalade
light gold in color, bright lemon flavor, delicious on everything
from buttered toast to grilled shrimp
$10 per 8 oz jar - in stock 
Clementine Marmalade
very pretty bright gold, aromatic expression of clementine

Mock Bitter Orange Marmalade
a delicious mix of orange, lemon, and grapefruit,
classic hint of bitterness balances the sweetness


Kumquat Marmalade
Intensely citrusy, with a pleasant bite, little bitterness

Blenheim Apricot Preserve
a great classic, made with the best variety of apricots
$12 per 8 oz jar - in stock

Green Apple Verbena Jelly
Made with unripe apples, infused with fresh lemon vebena,
delicate herbal notes go wonderfull with hard cheeses

$10 per 8 oz jar - in stock 
Green Apple Mint Jelly
Made with unripe apples, infused with fresh mint,
bright minty flavor is wonderful with grilled meats

$10 per 8 oz jar - in stock 
Green Apple Rose Geranium Jelly
Made with unripe apples, infused with rose geranium,
intense floral notes, delicious with Middle Eastern dishes
Bartlett pear Preserve
a perfect marriage, threads of lime zest
add to the complexity of the pear, delicate & delicious
Santa Rosa plum jam
deep ruby, sweet-tart, a classic
$10 per 8 oz jar - in stock

Chandler Strawberry Jam
A great classic, made with my favorite variety of strawberries

Quetsche French Plum
Classic French Plum, rich and sweet
$10 per 8 oz jar - in stock

Greengage Plum
Classic Antique French Plum variety, sweet flavor

$10 per 8 oz jar - in stock

O'Henry Peach
rich sweet yellow peach flavor

$10 per 8 oz jar - in stock
Mountain Rose
Delicious white peach, antique variety
Mission Fig
Rich fig flavor, chunky texture, great on cheese/charcuterie platters
$10 per 8 oz jar - in stock
Traditional Grenadine Syrup
made of fresh squeezed pomegranate juice and pure cane sugar, nothing else
Emergency Peach Pie
Absolutely delicious ready to use pie filling.
J ust pour it in a shell and bake, or eat right out of the jar. Gluten-free.
Just Applesauce
A chunky, old-fashioned applesauce made from fresh-picked apples,
nothing added save for very little water. The best applesauce you've ever had


How to order


Simply send me an e-mail letting me know which preserves you want,
and where you want them sent.

I will promptly send you a reply acknowledging the order,
and you will receive a Paypal invoice detailing the charges.
As soon as the invoice is paid, I ship via USPS priority mail,
which typically arrives in 2 to 3 days.
Shipping cost is $14.50 for up to four jars, $18.50 for up to seven jars of jam
delivered anywhere in the United States. Shipping for the syrup is $14.50 for two bottles.
Shipping for the pie filling is $18.50 for two quarts.


A true artisanal process

I first learned jam making from my grandfather, whose three minute red currant jelly
was one of the joys of my childhood. Grandpa had an armoire filled with rows of preserves,
the jars sealed with a layer of parafin and capped with a square of cellophane.
Being trusted to pick out the next jam for the breakfast table was a thrill.

All my preserves are made in old-fashioned small batches from the most flavorful
fruits and berries I can find.

I use only fresh fruit and pure cane sugar, sometimes an infusion of herbs from
the garden, but never any industrial pectin.
To preserve the delicate flavor of the fresh fruit and minimize cooking time,
I keep the batches to five pounds of fruit at a time.
Most are made using our own fruit, though I also use Vincent Farm's Blenheim apricots and Tom Shepherd's or Lane Farm's Chandler strawberries, because we don't grow them, and strawberry and apricot jams are just too delicious to pass up.


Custom Batches

Maybe you have a favorite preserve you never want to be without, or perhaps you need the perfect party favor for a special event. I will be glad to make a custom batch for you.
A minimum of 12 jars applies to custom batches.
Please contact me.

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