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Whole hand dried Hachiya Persimmons, one pound net, 6 to 9 pieces per gift box, $75 per box, USPS shipping included.

What is HoshiGaki, and why is it so special?

HoshiGaki is a centuries old Lunar New Year’s gift traditional to Japan. The meaning of the gift ensues from the dedicated patient effort required to achieve an even texture.

Hachiya Persimmons ripen in mid October to Mid November at my orchard. Once picked, I sort, wash, and peel the fruit. Paired by size, they are hung over a pole to slowly dry. Each fruit receives a gentle massage every few days for three to five weeks. The result is succulently sweet, moist, tender, and pleasantly chewy, with a complex flavor that is at once floral and reminiscent of gingerbread. A fine coating of internal sugar can crystallize on the surface after boxing. Nothing is added.

Persimmon trees are wildly variable. The number of finished one pound boxes ranges from just 50 to over 500, the pieces per box from 6 to 9. Shipping continues until supply runs out.

As a prized traditional gift, HoshiGaki is not typically used as an ingredient but enjoyed on its own. Making HoshiGaki is an art, like winemaking. There are many different styles and techniques. I produce my HoshiGaki entirely by hand in a traditional patient fashion. Store HoshiGaki like dried fruit, in an airtight container protected from moths and moisture, and eat within a year.


We ship via USPS Priority Mail.

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