Producing the best fruit in the nation since the completion of the transcontinental railroad, Penryn is nestled in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada. This land combines pure snowmelt from the Sierras, lightly acidic well drained soil, and a favorable microclimate.

The Land

  • The Soil

    Penryn sits on the furthest Western tip of the granite basolith of the Sierra Nevada. The decomposed granite soil while shallow is well-drained and lightly acidic, which is ideal for fruit trees. Jeff grinds the prunings every winter, which adds organic matter to the soil.

  • The Water

    Pure snowmelt from the Sierras flows to the Foothills via canals repurposed after the Gold Rush. Our irrigation system is gravity fed, and maintaining it is one of Farmer Jeff’s full time jobs.

  • The Climate

    Cool wet winters, pleasant springs, hot dry summers and mostly mild falls mean that our climate is generally ideal for growing fruit. Of course we are not immune from climate change, but so far we are adapting.

  • The Trees

    What is most unusual about this orchard is how diverse the plantings are. Many of the trees are over 50 years old, with new ones planted as space allows. All the trees are either rare or heirloom varieties selected for the quality of their fruit. 

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Fruit Selection

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